Kenny Kramer, the "Real" Kramer, is the model for Cosmo Kramer, the unpredictable and affable bachelor who has trouble staying on his feet.

Prior to serving as Cosmo's model, Kenny had a long career as a stand-up comedian and was the manager of a British reggae band. During the disco years Kenny created an electronic jewelry item that sold so well that Kramer was able to live comfortably long after disco died.

For six years Larry David lived across the hall from Kenny. One day Jerry Seinfeld asked Larry for help creating a TV show. Jerry became famous, Larry became George and Kramer became Kramer.

For the past ten years, Kenny has been the host of "Kramer's Reality Tour" and "Kramer on Seinfeld." Here Kenny relies on his stand-up experience to entertain people from all over the world with the behind-the-scenes Seinfeld story. In New York the tour has a bus portion that goes to sites made famous on the show. Seinfeld even did an episode spoofing Kenny's tour when Cosmo Kramer started The Peterman's Reality Tour in "The Muffin Tops" episode.

Kenny has made two extensive tours of Australia, performing and selling out in all the capital cities. He has also performed at dozens of colleges, comedy festivals, state fairs and corporate events with the Road Show version of his tour, "KRAMER ON SEINFELD." Stories about Kenny have been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, People Magazine and in thousands of other publications throughout the world. He has been on Oprah, The Today Show, Dateline NBC, Maury Povich, CNN, ET, CNBC, MSNBC, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood and every other tabloid show imaginable. Recent TV appearances include "E! True Hollywood Story" Seinfeld, A&E's Biography of Jerry Seinfeld, as a defendant in Judge Judy's court room as well as a celebrity Karaoke judge on MTV.

In his spare time he has served as a correspondent for Hard Copy, written, produced and hosted "Kramer's New York" segments for Fox5's Good-Day N.Y., and appeared in the original New York company of Tony and Tina's Wedding playing himself. He made several appearances as part of the bonus footage on the Seinfeld DVD series - and he's starring in his own DVD of his celebrated "Kramer's Reality Tour" with special appearances by Larry David and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Mayor Giuliani said, "Kramer's Reality Tour" is a valuable entertainment and cultural venture."

In 2001 Kenny was the Libertarian Party's candidate for mayor of New York City. The first time Kenny ran for mayor he admits it was a publicity stunt but this time he said he was in it to win it. His campaign slogan reflected that... KRAMER FOR MAYOR...THIS TIME I'M NOT KIDDING!!! Unfortunately Kenny lost. He did however receive several thousand votes but he was relieved in that he was once again able to escape having to hold an actual job.

The Seinfeld Show, which airs nightly in ninety countries, continues to be one of the world's most popular sitcoms. As there are no new episodes being produced, Kenny's tours and stage shows provide Seinfans with the only new Seinfeld experience available. Even though the show has ended, Kenny has made it clear that he has no such intention. Kenny Kramer will continue to entertain and live his life. It's worked so far.

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